Languages Spoken in Himachal Pradesh | Himachal General Knowledge | Himachal Pariksha

Languages Spoken in Himachal Pradesh | Himachal General Knowledge | Himachal Pariksha


The people of Himachal Pradesh state are multilingual and converse in numbers of languages. The Hindi is official language of Himachal Pradesh state. Besides Hindi, Punjabi, English and Urdu languages the people of Himachal Pradesh have various dialects of their own however, many of them are intelligible only to their own group, area or tribe.

The languages of this region are mostly Sanskritic in origin, and are chiefly mixture of Sanskrit, Urdu, Pahari; with an infusion of Tibetan words. Western Pahari, which is commonly known as Pahari, a Hindi dialect derived from ancient languages of Sanskrit and Prakrit is spoken by over 90% of the population in Himachal Pradesh. Formerly Pahari was written in Tankri script, a modified form of the Sharda script. However, Pahari at present is written in Devnagari script. In Himachal Pradesh as many as 30 distinct dialects have been counted to be in existence almost at par with the number of erstwhile hill states.

Languages Spoken in Respective Districts and Area is given below : 

Mandiali : It is basically spoken in Mandi district including Mandi town and related area. 

Chambiali : It is spoken in Chamba district. There are five district forms of speech viz: Churahi, Pangwali (in Pangi tehsil), Bhatiali (in Bhattiyat tehsil). Bharmauri, (in Bharmaur area) Chambiali (in & around Chanba town, found within the district. 

Sirmauri : It is spoken in Sirmour district. it has two sub dilects viz, Dharthi spoken in Cis-Giri (Giri-War) region of the district and Gin-Pari ( Bish-Shawo spoken In the Trans-Giri (Giri-Par) region which includes Pachhad, Sain area, Renuka & a small part of Kiarda dun Valley. 

Baghati : It is basically spoken in Solan area which comprised erstwhile Baghat, Baghal & some other odd states. 

Hinduri : It is basically spoken in Nalagarh and  related area. 

Keonthali : It is spoken in the surrounding area of Shimla and the Northern region of the district.

Brari : It is spoken in Jubbal, Kotkhai and Rohtu tehsil of Shimla district. 

Kochi : It is spoken in Rampur Bushahr, Kumarsain, Kotgarh and near by parts of the Sutlej Valley in the Shimla district. 

Kehluri (Bilaspuri) : It is spoken in Bilaspur district.

Kullui : It is spoken in Kullu district. It has three sub dialects viz: Seraji, Sainji and Kullui.

Homskad : It is spoken in Kinnaur District. It is the mother tongue of nearly 75% of the people in the district.

Bhoti (Tibetan) : It is basically spoken in Spiti & Chandra-Bhaga Valleys of Lahaul - Spiti district.

Mahasui : It is basically spoken in Shimla and Solan districts area.

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